You’ve chosen just the right counter tops, floors that shine, and cabinets to match. Now that your supplies are all covered how are you going to live while your kitchen is in total disarray? Remodeling a kitchen is a rewarding task…once it’s over. But getting to the end result can be a headache. However, a little extra planning can help eliminate some of the stress.

Before you tear apart your kitchen, have all your supplies handy, including your tools. This will save you a dozen random trips to the hardware store to locate parts during your project. Buy everything ahead of time and organize it so you know where everything is. You may still forget a screw here or there. That’s expected. But overall you’ll save yourself a lot of time. You will need a place to store food and dishes. Try using up as much of your food as you can beforehand so there’s less to pack away. Then only buy food as needed until your kitchen is finished. This is a perfect time to de-junk your garage. There is probably a lot of storage space hiding in there.

You can also buy shelves and put them up in the dining room or any other spare space. A bookshelf works great too. Most thrift stores have used bookshelves so you don’t have to spend a lot. It might look funny but who cares? It’s only temporary. Now that your dishes are packed you don’t have to bother washing them. There’s one bonus from your remodeling job. Paper plates and plastic forks are your new best friend. Just be sure to have extra trash bags handy to throw them away.The last thing you’ll want to do in your messy kitchen is cook. Preparing meals in advance then freezing them makes for quick and easy dinners. Plan simple meals; ones that require little preparation. With a little planning you can avoid the extra spending that comes with eating out.

For the adventurous type (as if remodeling a kitchen isn’t adventurous enough) set up an outside kitchen using your camping gear such as a propane stove, grill, and dutch oven. Pull out the motor home and give yourself a vacation from part of your house. Note that this works best if your project is during the summer.This is also a great time to get rid of things you don’t really need. Throw out anything that’s been lurking in the back of your pantry for too long. De-junk your junk drawer. Your remodel can double as a deep cleaning.