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One of the areas that many of our buyers tend to gloss over that they likely shouldn’t? Color, which is a very important part of your overall design plan and may have a large effect on elements like maintenance moving forward. There are a few color styles that are generally most popular for cabinets – let’s look at them and break down their pros and cons.

Wood Finish Look

Whether it’s a natural wood cabinet or a wood veneer, the look of wood grain is very popular. A nice wood gloss enhances the feel of a kitchen, and wood can be perfect for giving a country feel to a given kitchen. For a more modern style, look for a darker wood with a darker stain.

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For cabinets that look stylish and are also able to cover up any bits of dirt and grime, black is the way to go. Black cabinets are known for their ability to absorb light, rather than reflect it – this will give the kitchen a more romantic or mysterious ambiance, and won’t show every stain right away. You won’t have to wipe these cabinets down as often, though know that spills will still need to be taken care of promptly. Keep in mind we currently don’t sell any RTA cabinets in black due to the lack of popularity.

White Blends

On the flip side, white is a color that reflects light rather than absorbing it. It’s great for adding brightness and a positive feel to the room – perfect for amplifying natural sunlight that enters a given kitchen, for instance. White also blends very well with other colors – you can even create a diverse feel by using a combination of white and black colors that will make the cabinets stand out.

Be aware, however, that white cabinets generally show dirt or stains far more easily. You’ll have to be prepared to clean them regularly for dust, plus when any spills take place.