Shopping for gifts for the DIYers in your life this holiday season? While the people who like to get their hands dirty making and creating things is certainly an easy group to shop for in terms of possibilities, it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s why we’ve compiled this perfect holiday gift guide for a DIYer. In it, you’ll find suggestions for tools a DIY person might find useful as well as projects they can start.

Tools for the DIYer

Most of these suggested tools can be found online. With a little bit of searching, you’re sure to find the perfect tools for the DIYer in your life.

Palm Sander

Palm sanders are great for the DIYer who likes to work with wood. You can find affordable models online.

Magnetic Wristband

When screws, nuts, and bolts are required, so is a magnetic wristband. No more searching all over the floor when your DIYer drops a screw!

Pliers Set

Working to build and create anything requires a good set of tools, including pliers.

Backup Power Pack

This kind of gift is a good idea in case of power surges or blackouts that might leave projects on pause otherwise.


Give your DIYer the gift of light with a headlamp set that will help them see and continue working into the night.

Drill Bit Set

Back to the comment about a good set of tools—a great drill bit set will go a long way for the DIYer.

Tool Organizer

You can assume most DIYers have a lot of tools already, so why not get them something that will help keep everything organized?

Projects for the DIYer

The perfect holiday gift guide for a DIYer wouldn’t be complete if some items on the list weren’t actual DIY projects. If you’re looking to get your DIYer the necessary equipment, parts, and pieces to work on a new DIY project, take a look at these ideas for DIY projects that can be done around the house.

DIY Coffee Station

A DIY coffee station can keep your collection of mugs in one organized location. Plus, it will be a fun project for your DIYer to work on.

DIY Kitchen Shelves

Not a fan of your kitchen shelves? You can find all the materials and tools you need to get rid of your old ones or create and put up new ones.

DIY Kitchen Table

If it’s time to change up the kitchen table, consider turning that process into a DIY project instead of purchasing a new piece of furniture. It’s a great opportunity for any DIYer to try their skills at transforming an old piece into something new.

DIY Media Center

A media center has a lot of possibilities for change and upgrades. This is a great project idea for DIYers.

DIY RTA Cabinets

Ready-to-assemble cabinets make a great gift for any DIYer. They come with everything they will need to build some beautiful cabinets.

DIY Roll-out Trays

Roll-out trays make a great addition to any RTA cabinets and will be easy for a DIYer to install.

Find DIY Projects with Cabinet Corner Today

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