If you haven’t heard the term “Lazy Susan,” you’ve probably still seen the thing attached to the name. The original lazy Susan was designed as a rotating flat dish carrier placed in the center of the dinner table to make it easier for everyone to have access to the food. It’s not really lazy at all, since it gets rotated a lot.

The lazy Susan is an interesting piece of work, especially since no one seems to know quite where it originated. Some say the invention came from either Thomas Eddison or Thomas Jefferson, both of whom attributed the name to lazy daughters of theirs. Others say Elizabeth Howell became the inventor when she was granted the patent for a self-waiting table in the late nineteenth century.

Wherever it came from, the lazy Susan has been monumentally useful not only to dinner tables but also to kitchen cabinets.

A rotating storage unit has many benefits and uses that make it invaluable in just about any kitchen space.

1. Better Food Storage

Lazy Susan cabinets have been customized in many different ways to create more room and more storage. You can stack food storage containers on top of each other, but the results can still be disorganized clutter. How will you access the one food you need at the back of the cabinet?

With a lazy Susan cabinet, you can have shelves that swing out when you open a cabinet door, or you can get easy-to-pull-out drawers.

2. Better Organization

Some cabinets in the kitchen are difficult to take full advantage of, particularly the deep lower-level cabinets in the corners of the room.

These areas often end up cluttered and disorganized. When you want a food item from there, the process of getting to it can involve multiple steps: taking out other food items and then stacking them all back into a jumbled mess once you’ve found what you’re looking for.

Putting a lazy Susan in your most difficult cabinets can solve these problems.

3. Ease of Use

Once installed, a lazy Susan cabinet is a breeze to use. Like its counterpart used at the dinner table, all you have to do is spin it to access whatever you’re trying to reach. You’ll have no more frustrating messes in your kitchen cabinets and no difficult-to-reach areas going unused.

4. Versatility

Lazy Susans can add organization and cohesion to more than just your kitchen. Consider using the rotating disc to organize your linens or towels in a hallway, art and craft supplies in a spare room, or items in your bathroom cabinets or drawers.
Lazy Susan Cabinets from Cabinet Corner.

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