Gray Shaker RTA Cabinets

Beautiful Natural Stained RTA Cabinets

The Natural Knotty Alder is a five piece solid wood door with a square raised panel and a natural stain.

This cabinet has a clear finish on it that produces a beautiful honey color with contrasting light and dark grain throughout the door. Natural Knotty Alder Stain is a fabulous addition to any kitchen or bathroom because its light color opens up the space and multiplies natural light. Expect knots, some small and tight, others big and open, to add character to each cabinet door and provide a cozy and natural touch. It’s the perfect cabinet for a homey and cozy kitchen, and the light color mean it will match most colors and styles nicely. It’s a great, versatile knotty alder cabinet for any kitchen.

Like all our cabinets, the Natural Stain Cabinet is wholesale and ready to assemble (RTA), meaning you can have quality and beauty at the price you need. And you don’t have to go through the cost and hassle to stain your cabinets.

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Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets Skin

Cabinet Boxes

Our cabinet “boxes” are made of a high-density particle board core of 5/8″ that is sandwiched between maple melamine skins that have been bonded to the interior and exterior surfaces through a heat process. We also band most of the edges. The reason for using the high-density particle board rather than plywood, is that it provides the same strength of plywood of the same thickness without the warping issues of plywood. Therefore, we have no need of corner, back or side bracing as is often the case with plywood boxes. Also, the bonded maple melamine skins make it more resistant to liquids than does plywood.

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