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RTA stands for Ready To Assemble, which means we’ll send you everything you need, including the materials and the instructions, so you can assemble your kitchen or bathroom cabinets yourself. Why should you have to pay for labor when assembling and installing cabinets is easily something you can do on your own? We’ve worked hard to make the process simple, while still ensuring the durability and quality of the cabinets. At Cabinet Corner we back up everything we say, and we mean it when we say that our RTA cabinets will arrive to your home in perfect condition and ready to be assembled. These are high-quality cabinets that will stay strong, functional, and beautiful over the years. No one will be able to tell that you assembled your kitchen cabinets yourself; they’ll look like a professional designed and installed them.

We have been providing high quality RTA cabinets to our customers for over 25 years. Through all this experience we have learned a few things. First, we’ve learned the correct way to package and ship cabinets so they arrive to you in the best condition while saving on shipping costs. Second, here at Cabinet Corner we understand how to give the simplest and clearest instructions to assemble cabinets that anyone can follow along with, whether that’s in print, online, or over the phone. We want you to succeed in installing your cabinets, so we strive to provide the best customer service. If you ever get stuck, just give us a call. We love to help our customers! Most importantly, we’ve learned how to make quality cabinets. Because we don’t assemble every order (assembly available for local customers only), we can also put our energy into ensuring that the quality of the manufacturing is superb. Your money goes directly to the quality of cabinets and not unnecessary installation/assembly fees. You pay wholesale prices and get better cabinets when you choose Cabinet Corner. Contact us to discuss your project or view our catalog. Then, when your new RTA cabinets are assembled and installed, we would love to hear about your experience and see the final result!

RTA Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinet Corner Ready to Assemble (RTA) cabinets are the best option for your kitchen remodel project. Our cabinets are more affordable than other RTA cabinets on the market, and they are top-of-the-line quality. We’ve got a huge selection of cabinet sizes and accessories, so you’re sure to find something you’ll love at a price you’ll love. They’re so easy to assemble that almost anyone can do it.

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RTA Bathroom Cabinets

We don’t stop at kitchen cabinets; we also have beautiful bathroom cabinets. These RTA bathroom cabinets are the same great quality as out kitchen cabinets, and will make the perfect addition to your bathroom. Because they arrive ready to be assembled, you save a lot over traditional bathroom cabinets.
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Ready To Assemble Cabinet Colors

We have a great selection of natural color and stained finish RTA cabinet styles online, so you’re sure to fall in love with one of our options. You can find more detailed information and view our RTA cabinet galleries by clicking on see collection below.

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