White Transitional Shaker RTA Cabinets

Versatile White Shaker RTA Cabinets

Our White Shaker cabinets have high-quality American Poplar doors, drawers and frames, with an MDF center panel. They are coated in a durable anti-yellowing paint that has a classic matte finish. Sleek and elegant, these modern amenities are sure to bring a sense of distinct style to your kitchen or bathroom. These cabinets are particularly designed to make a space feel open and clean, and complement natural lighting. Put them in any space that you want brightened.

RTA cabinets will save you money and the specialists at Corner Cabinets will save you time with our experience. Browse our site to see DIY cabinet assembly guides, or Contact Us directly if you have any questions about these White Shaker cabinets.

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RTA Kitchen Cabinets Inside

Cabinet Boxes

Our cabinet “boxes” are made of a high-density particle board core of 5/8″ that is sandwiched between maple melamine skins that have been bonded to the interior and exterior surfaces through a heat process. We also band most of the edges. The reason for using the high-density particle board rather than plywood, is that it provides the same strength of plywood of the same thickness without the warping issues of plywood. Therefore, we have no need of corner, back or side bracing as is often the case with plywood boxes. Also, the bonded maple melamine skins make it more resistant to liquids than does plywood.

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Starting on a remodeling project is difficult if you do not have the right tools to get you started. We offer free cabinet color samples that can help you decide which color fits your design, space, style, and preference. Request a sample today to get started on putting together your dream kitchen!

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