There’s nothing quite as satisfying as looking at a finished project and knowing you were the one who did it. If you’re a consistent DIYer, then you know that feeling of pride and accomplishment well. It can be very fulfilling to work with your hands, whether a big or small project, but the sense of accomplishment that comes from redoing kitchen cabinets might just take the cake.

DIY kitchen cabinets are a big project to take on. But with our list of top tips for tackling kitchen cabinets from a do-it-yourself stance, you’re sure to step back from the project at the end and be very satisfied with the results.

1. DIY Kitchen Cabinets: RTA Is the Way to Go

Our first tip is more a suggestion that you should seriously consider RTA cabinets. RTA stands for ready-to-assemble, and these sorts of cabinets can be found in all colors and styles. RTA cabinets are a great option to consider because they allow DIYers to spend less time assembling cabinets and more time focusing on the color and design setup wanted in the kitchen.

Cabinet Corner offers a great selection of RTA cabinets. Browsing through the options may be a good idea before jumping headlong into a DIY project that involves building your cabinets from scratch.

2. Two-Toned Cabinets

After installing either RTA cabinets or cabinets you’ve built yourself, you can start focusing on style. There is a myriad of possibilities to choose from, but a fun one to consider is two-toned cabinets. Try painting the bottom cabinets a darker color and the upper cabinets a lighter one. Often this DIY suggestion goes with a wall that is painted to match—the lower portion matching that of the bottom cabinets and the higher part of the wall matching the uppers. It adds a fun, fresh, unique feel to any kitchen space.

3. LED Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

Use LED tape lighting in, above, or below your kitchen cabinets to add warmth and color to areas of your kitchen that would otherwise feel dark. LED tape lighting is easy to install, and not bulky in the slightest. Just plug it in and weave it through your cabinets with ease.

4. Chicken Wire Cabinet Doors

Want to try something a little more unique with your DIY kitchen cabinets? Consider replacing the doors of the cabinets with some that have glass paneling. Or, remove the paneling and get creative with the space. For example, put in chicken wire or think of another way to make the fronts of your cabinets creative.

5. Exchange Cabinet Doors

Instead of adding alterations to existing cabinet doors, you could remove the doors and replace them with totally new doors, such as barn wood material. The options are endless!

6. Cabinet Door Organizers

Keep things inside the cabinets organized with hanging cabinet door organizers and other features like a lazy susan or pull-out shelving.

7. Crown Molding

If you’ve got space above your kitchen cabinets, consider putting in crown molding. This will make your cabinets appear taller and custom-made.

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