As a top provider of quality RTA cabinets, we at Cabinet Corner have been serving homeowners and their custom RTA cabinets needs for over 20 years. We outpace the competition in several ways, from pricing to reliability to customer service.

In particular, there are several reasons why you’re better off coming to us for discount RTA cabinets than you would be visiting a glitzy showroom. These venues are designed to amaze you and get you to spend lots of money, but they may also come with some major drawbacks.

Not Seeing Stock Items

When you walk into a given cabinet showroom, what you see is not simply the stock items you’ll be purchasing. The cabinets you’ll see will have custom doors, high-priced accessories and fantastic materials.

Now, the salesman will have cheaper options once you balk at the sticker price, but this is a carefully cultivated bit of psychology: By showing you the option with all the bells and whistles first, the showroom has ensured you’ll still be thinking about that more glamorous option even as you look at cheaper alternatives.

Size Issues

Another potential drawback of a showroom situation is the size layout. In a showroom, you see multiple product lines in a single huge room, one that usually has very high ceilings and tons of space between sets. It’s often very difficult to translate this space into your kitchen size within your own head, and many people in these situations end up purchasing options that don’t actually work space-wise once they’re in the home.

Lighting Concerns

Another thing the showroom has spent significant money and time on before you walk in the door is lighting. The right lighting can turn even a boring photo into something far more interesting, and showrooms have specific lighting meant to accentuate strong features. Things like track lighting and recessed lighting will show you an image of a cabinet that they want you to see, and perhaps one that isn’t entirely realistic. Remember that your kitchen likely won’t have these same kinds of lighting capabilities, and adjust your decision-making accordingly.

For more on why a showroom might not be the best place to find cabinets, or to learn more about any of our discount RTA cabinets, speak to the staff at Cabinet Corner today.