bathroom cabinetsAre you considering renovating your bathroom to give it a whole new look, while still on a budget? Ready-to-assemble cabinets could be perfect for you. Here are 5 reasons to consider RTA cabinets for your next bathroom renovation.

Major savings

Ready-to-assemble cabinets eliminate the costs of factory assembly labor, installation labor, and added shipping for bulky boxes. Because you are ordering factory-direct cabinets that are shipped directly to you in compact boxes, you’re enjoying deeply discounted prices on high-quality, brand-name cabinets. You’ll enjoy these savings for years to come as your cabinets continue to last.

Easy assembly and installation

If you’ve never worked with ready-to-assemble cabinets and are nervous about assembling and installing them for the first time, getting them for your bathroom could be a great place to start. Cabinets for the bathroom are generally less intensive, as they only involve cabinetry for the small vanity space, and cabinets are generally not mounted up on the wall. The RTA cabinets you get for your bathroom will come with all of the necessary hardware, and the tools required for assembly and installation are likely things that you already have in your home’s tool kit. You’ll find easy-to-follow instructions with your cabinets along with a wide range of resources on our website in the DIY Help section.

Ample storage space

Unlike small stand-alone sinks, cabinets will outfit your bathroom with plenty of storage space so that you can store all of your toiletries and bathroom essentials. The ample storage space that bathroom cabinetry offers means that you can keep everything you need out of sight, making for a cleaner countertop and simpler, more refreshing bathroom space.

High quality

When you opt for RTA cabinets, you are enjoying major savings without having to opt for lower-end cabinets. RTA cabinets save you money by every means possible, except for by sacrificing quality. A small investment in RTA cabinets now means that you’ll enjoy your investment for years to come.

Great new look

New cabinets are truly a great way to update the look of any bathroom, and with the possibility of ordering RTA cabinets, now it couldn’t be easier. RTA cabinets come in a variety of styles and colors, so that you can find the perfect combination for you and your bathroom. Take a look at our Products section to see the full range of RTA cabinets that we have to offer.