A kitchen remodel can come with a hefty price tag. When you consider everything that goes into a kitchen—from the refrigerator to the oven as well as all the electrical wiring—it makes sense that it wouldn’t be cheap. The fact that kitchens are usually one of the largest rooms in houses these days just means that the cost for a remodel will be more.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on your kitchen remodel, take a look at some ideas for kitchen renovations on a budget.


Adding a new color to your kitchen by painting it yourself will save you money and drastically alter the kitchen space. Be strategic about which areas you paint and you’ll end up with a completely different look in your kitchen.


Tearing up old tile and installing new tile can be costly. Instead of going to all that trouble and expense, consider altering your existing kitchen tile. You can do this by stenciling a new pattern or design over the top of the original. Whether it’s the tile on your floor or the tile in your backsplash, this method will save you money and change up the look of your kitchen.


Changing up the lighting fixtures in your kitchen is a great way to add new and exciting visual interest. And instead of paying a professional to come in and install the light fixtures, find some DIY lighting kits and take care of it yourself. You can find kits at exceptionally affordable prices that will save you a great deal in the long run.


Replacing cabinets is usually one of the more expensive parts of a kitchen remodel. In keeping with the idea of performing renovations on a budget, consider painting your existing cabinets a new color. This can change up the whole look of your kitchen without costing you nearly as much as a full replacement of cabinets would. You can take the cabinet face lift a step further and even throw on some new updated hardware too.

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Adding new curtains or smaller decorative items throughout the kitchen area can provide visual appeal without costing you thousands. This could look like fresh, bright flowers on the table or hanging a new, exciting piece of art on the wall.


Professional painting and refining are typically thousands of dollars. Save that money and paint the floor yourself. Look carefully at your options for this one—you’re going to want to make sure you select a durable paint that will resist the kind of scuffing that naturally attends any floor.


Instead of removing everything in your kitchen and replacing it, select a couple of areas or items you could focus your efforts on. For example, you could keep the cabinets and flooring and just replace the countertop and/or backsplash.

Kitchen Remodels with Cabinet Corner

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