14 White Kitchens You’ve Been Dreaming Of

There is no denying that the color and layout of your kitchen can have a subtle effect on both you and your guests.  With that in mind, what better color than white to provide you with a canvas to create your own interior design masterpiece?  Not only is this bright neutral easy to work with, but it also adds a level of cleanliness and a feeling of peace to your living space.  Have you been dreaming of a white kitchen?  Well, here are 14 kitchens straight out those dreams!


White Backsplash


white kitchen design trends

The white tiles on the walls provide not only an interest design but also give a distinctive ‘classic’ feeling to your kitchen area.


Simple Design with Some Surprises


white rta kitchen cabinets

The beauty of this kitchen is the contrast of an overall simple design mixed with the very intricate ceiling piece light fixture and the visually appealing floor mat.


Modern but Personal


white ready to assemble kitchen cabinets

Notice the very modern sharp edges with the unique design pieces to add a personal touch.


The Writing on the Wall


diy white kitchen cabinets

Another modern design, but instead of the typical decorations, there is a very cool block of text on the wall.


Old School


rustic white kitchen cabinet ideas

There’s nothing quite like a classic design to inspire a ‘welcome home’ feeling, contrasted with a very dark floor to provide some subtle elegance.


Living Room Transition


white kitchen cabinet ideas 2016

There is an almost seamless transition from the kitchen area to the living room area.  Enjoy conversations with family and guests while preparing a meal to share with your loved ones.


Spherical Lights and Sharp Edges


white rta cabinets 2016

This is another design that draws on contrasts – sharp, modern, edges with spherical lights.


Brunch Table


white kitchen design ideas 2016

Everything about the large island in middle of the kitchen inspires visions of delightful brunches on lazy Sunday afternoons.


The Beach House


rta kitchen cabinets in white

From the pale blue walls, lemon-colored chairs, and wood flooring, this white kitchen is reminiscent of a weekend at the family beach house.  




ready to assemble kitchen cabinets in white

Designs such as this one thrive on strong minimalist design mixed with the white cupboard’s contrasts to grays, dark browns, and silvers.


Always Summer


white shaker cabinets rta

It must be the thatched chairs and the dark beige flooring that make give this white kitchen a ‘always-summer’ feeling.


For the Cook


order rta kitchen cabinets white

For those fortunate enough to either have loved ones who cook or are gifted personally with this talent, this kitchen provides an ideal set up for those who make the world a better place.


Charcoal, Lemon Yellow, and White


white kitchen cabinet design ideas

There is something lovely about the contrast of lemon yellow and charcoal grey – all this with a brilliant white backdrop.


Bright kitchen


ready to assemble cabinets white kitchen

Another classic design, but with three windows covering the kitchen with wholesome, natural light.