Any type of remodeling in a home is an exciting time. When it comes to space as well-trafficked as the kitchen, however, the stylistic choices you make carry a bit more clout. After all, the kitchen is a well-used, well-loved area of the home.

Figuring out how to match cabinets, countertops, and flooring in your kitchen can be a difficult task. There is a myriad of options you can choose from, and even when you’ve narrowed down your choices, it’s tricky to envision the area being completely redone in whatever color, wood, and flooring you’ve decided on.

Luckily, we’ve found a few suggestions that should make the decision a little bit easier. Take a look at our thoughts on how to best decide on matching your kitchen floors, cabinets, and countertops for a well-rounded, beautifully redone kitchen.

Color Scheme First

You’re going to want to decide the color scheme for your kitchen first. Do you want warm or cool colors? Neutrals or bold, bright colors? Figuring out the colors will help everything fall into place much faster and easier.

Tips for Selecting a Color Scheme

Try picking out two complementing colors on the color wheel, then add a third color as an accent option. Or try a different approach and pick one main color and two accent colors. Ultimately, you’re going to want three colors as part of the scheme for the sake of variety and for the sake of finding cabinets and countertops that work within the colors you’ve selected.

Trending Color Schemes

Trends in color schemes develop every year. This year has seen increased popularity in the use of:

  • Mixed Wood Tones
  • Black
  • Sea Green
  • Blue and Green
  • Muted Shades

Countertops Next

Selecting your countertops based on the color scheme you’ve decided on is the next step in the process. This is because countertops tend to have the widest variety when it comes to material and color options. It will be easier to match your cabinets and flooring to your countertops rather than the other way around. Keep samples handy as you coordinate the other elements.

Floors and Cabinets

When considering your flooring and cabinets, think about which elements you want to match and which you don’t. You could coordinate your floor color with the cabinets and countertops—keeping everything pretty much the same, or you could match the cabinets and countertops and have the floor be the contrasting element.

Cabinets come in many styles and colors. Knowing your budget is going to help you narrow down your options. Cabinet colors can be chosen to complement or contrast with any other element in your kitchen. The choice is up to you. How you have them installed is also up to you. You can really take matters into your own hands with RTA cabinets, or you can have your cabinets installed by a local contractor.

Complementing Your Matching Cabinets, Countertops, and Flooring with Accessories

Picking accents for your finalized kitchen design is the final step in the process. Bright spots of color work well on walls, hints of green from plants can bring out fun colors and elements to the area. The doorknobs or handles on your cabinets can be customized to add a certain flair and pop as well. Take time to consider what decorative elements you want to keep on your counter or hang from your walls.

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