Customers frequently ask, how hard is it to install new RTA cabinets? Although the answer may differ depending on the retailer, we can answer with confidence that just about anyone can install RTA cabinets from Cabinet Corner.

Our process is simple from start to finish. We make it easy to purchase RTA kitchen or bathroom cabinets online. We securely ship them to your door along with detailed instructions, and then we allow you to install the cabinets on your own. We do offer support along the way, so if you have any questions, feel free to reach out and we’d be happy to help.

Some customers shy away at the thought they will be the ones installing their cabinets. However, rest assured that installing RTA cabinets is a breeze.

We send instructions along with your cabinets to make sure you know exactly the steps to take on your installation. If you get stuck, we have videos online that will walk you through each step, and like we mentioned before, you can contact us at anytime and our expert staff will be happy to help.

To show how easy it is to install your own RTA cabinets, let us share with you a true story of one of your satisfied customers:

We had a 96-year old lady named Jean (name has been changed for the blog post) who wanted to remodel her kitchen. She had a tight budget, but was happy to find lower prices here. She realized she would be able to purchase RTA cabinets through us in order to save money. Jean looked at her budget and made sure she would have enough. She saved a significant amount of money by purchasing RTA cabinets online, but she realized she didn’t have money left over to hire a contractor to install her cabinets.

We talked with Jean about some options, and we asked her if there was a high school nearby. She said yes, and we suggested she call the high school and ask if the high wood shop teacher could send a student over to help her install the cabinets.

She went ahead and did just that. When her cabinets arrived, she got in contact with the shop teacher, and a helpful student came by to help her install the new RTA cabinets. In just one afternoon, the high school student was able to install the cabinets with just the help of the included instructions. Costing her only 30 dollars and a plate of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, Jean had her cabinets installed in her newly remodeled kitchen.

Really, that’s how easy it is to install RTA cabinets from Cabinet Corner. In just a short amount of time and a few pages of instructions, your kitchen can be fully remodeled.

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