White cabinets can radiate a feeling of brightness, cleanliness and simplicity…or do just the opposite. They may give your kitchen a cold, sterile and bare look. Finding the right look depends on your personal style and functionality.

There are a few ways to get white cabinets: install brand new thermofoil cabinets, reface your current cabinets or paint them white. Here’s how a makeover of that nature may add or subtract personality from your kitchen.

Overall Feel
White cabinets open up a room and make it feel larger. This makes them a great choice for smaller kitchens. They brighten the room to give it a more welcome feel.

Because white reflects more light, white cabinets create a crisp, clean look that’s inviting. The drawback is that cabinets with a glossy finish will cause glare. Be cautious of using glossy white cabinets in kitchens with large windows or lots of interior lighting.

White is a universally appealing color. It matches almost anything, so you can renovate the look of your kitchen anytime by simply adding different splashes of color in the decor or on the walls.

White cabinets give you more options for appliances, tile and decor items. You can make your kitchen feel either modern or traditional depending on what you pair with your cabinets. However, if you don’t dress up the room right, it can seem bland and have a cold feel. If you’re one that doesn’t like decor in a kitchen, then white cabinets might not be your cup of tea.

We all know that white does nothing to hide dirt. Fingerprint smudges, food particles and cooking oil will all show. On one hand, that makes it easy to notice when it’s time to clean. On the other, you might be wiping down your cabinets every day, depending on your lifestyle. Another downside is that white doesn’t age as well as wood-colored cabinets. The lack of color leaves no way to hide cracks. Exposure to the sun also causes a yellow discoloration over time. One solution is to use white laminate veneer facing. This type of finish resists dirt and smudges, is easier to clean and doesn’t crack like painted white cabinetry.

The versatility of white has made it a timeless color choice for years. Offsetting the light cabinets with darker countertops or appliances can add a nice bit of contrast and warmth. Again, the choice is yours.