We very recently had a satisfied customer send us pictures of their completed home project. They were beyond happy with the results of Cabinet Corner’s system and cabinets. She saved at least $10,000 going with our RTA kitchen cabinets, and it was easy! We’ll let her explain:

“From the first phone call to the last – we want to thank everyone, especially Dave! This is our first ever attempt at doing this and I was mighty worried that we ‘bit off way more than we could chew’… but Dave has the patience of Job and between him plus the short instructional videos – let me tell you, if you have some basic skills, common sense, know how to follow simple instructions, use a cordless screwdriver, then anyone can do it.

Here’s what we did in a nutshell:

My husband and son watched the video once, had a brief chat with Dave (because I’m a big worry wort) and then proceeded to put all 18 cabinets together in 4 hrs flat. That’s right – simple boxes you screw together. 45 minutes for the first one (because I am a worry wort and ask a hundred questions) then 10 minutes for each cabinet thereafter.

We rented the smallest hook up trailer and put the cabinets in it and drove 6 hrs to the mountains.

The cabinets slid into place perfectly. They watched the crown molding video and attached it – perfectly.

The entire cabinet installation took less than a day. Only my two guys! It was more work to get the flooring and counter top in than the cabinets!! These cabinets are beautiful and high quality – they are finished on the inside too.

We love the finger-pull style, giving it a very clean look. We planned on adding bronze knobs but we are not doing that now because we ended up loving the look of the cabinets!! Sometimes – less is more!

So, there you have it! Our beautiful remodel (there was nothing in there but a linoleum floor and an old pair of laundry machines). Looks like it cost $25,000 bucks right? (that’s actually the bid amount we got from contractors). And our real estate agent said we just upped our value $25,000!!! What a great investment we just made!!! And we love our new laundry room and ski/sport storage! Thank you, Dave, we can’t wait to do our next project with you!”

-Catalina Q.

Cabinet Corner RTA cabinets really are great investments! We’ll help you throughout the planning, design, and installation processes and you’ll save thousands of dollars. We feel that our products and system sell themselves and that you will be happy with the results. Like Catalina said:

“We want others to experience the pure joy, esteem and huge savings that came from building beautiful high quality cabinets ourselves – something we would never have attempted without you and this amazing company!”

Let us know what project you’re thinking about starting, and we’ll do everything we can to help!