A common pitfall of kitchens is that there’s often some corner space that isn’t used efficiently. Where is it in your kitchen? The corner where all the pots and pans are? The cupboard on the right side of the sink where you put all the Tupperware?

Or it might be the opposite side cupboard that houses all sorts of odds and ends that don’t have another home. Rather than being organized, this jumble of kitchen items just collects into a mass.

But it doesn’t have to stay that way. Have you heard of a lazy susan cabinet? It’s the solution to those random compilations of kitchen items shoved into corner cabinets and cupboards.

What is a lazy susan? It’s a rotating set of shelves inside a cabinet that replaces regular, sedentary shelves. It creates storage that lets you easily reach items that are difficult to grab, especially if they’re usually in a back corner. You can get at least five major benefits from a lazy susan.


A lazy susan cabinet can increase your kitchen storage space. Many of the cabinets on the lower level in kitchens have a lot of room, but to save on time, it’s easy to slip into the habit of just placing a few items at the front of the cabinet.

This approach makes sense because if you stuff your cabinet full and use all the space, you’ll likely have to drag everything out whenever you need to find one particular item.

A lazy susan can change that. Installing a rotating series of shelves will allow you to put more in your cabinet and therefore make better use of the storage space.


Throwing everything haphazardly into a big storage cupboard doesn’t make for a very organized space. Even if you try to organize things, you’ll probably still find yourself rifling through a jumbled mess again after just a few days.

You can cut away all that disorganized clutter with a lazy susan cabinet. The rotating shelves will make it easy to access the items you need and put them back where they belong when you’re done.


A jumbled mess of disorganized kitchen equipment isn’t pretty to look at. Thanks to a lazy susan cabinet, you’ll be able to do a mini kitchen renovation on your cupboards—transforming them from cluttered to pristine. Imagine organized groupings of all your pots and pans or various other kitchen tools.


The lazy susan cabinet—after being installed—is basically ready to go. All you have to do is spin it around to get access to anything you’ve stored on it. It doesn’t get much easier than that.


A lazy susan makes it easy to access any appliances you place on it. No more pulling the heavy Kitchen Aid out from behind everything. Simply spin the lazy susan around until the Kitchen Aid is in front, and lift it out.


Upgrade and update your kitchen shelving with a lazy susan Cabinet. Take a look at our selection of other kitchen cabinets from Cabinet Corner. Our goal is to make your next kitchen renovation easy and exciting. Contact us if you have any questions about how our cabinets could fit into your kitchen and make it look great and work even better.