Organizing your kitchen can be difficult. Are you having trouble deciding what appliances you should pack into your cabinets and which you should keep out on the counter? It’s hard to know which ones you will use all the time and which ones you’ll maybe use every five years (hello fondue set or 25-inch griddle). Here are some countertop appliances that every modern kitchen should have:

Rice Cooker

If you want convenience and consistency, a rice cooker is for you. Boiling water in a pot just isn’t as good as this appliance. You may think a rice cooker is costly and unnecessary, but trust us, you will change your mind when find yourself using it four times a week for easy, quick dinners. Rick cookers are very popular in Asia and are making their way into the States; be in on this product and share the good news with your friends!

Stand Mixer

If you love to bake, a stand mixer is an absolute 100% must. Say goodbye to the tedious and frustrating hand mixers—stand mixers offer a hands-free and faster shortcut to baking all those delicious cake and cookie recipes you’ve been dying to try. Stand mixers can also be used to make homemade pasta, mashed potatoes, shredded chicken, and other savory recipes, provided that you have the needed attachments. One of the most popular brands is KitchenAid.

Slow Cooker

We are always on the go and most of us just don’t have an hour and a half to spend on making dinner. This is where the miracle of the slow cooker comes into play. Just cut up your ingredients in the morning, put them in the cooker, and come home to a ready dinner and a wonderful smelling house after your day’s activities. The slow cooker is especially good for meat and vegetable meals like shredded chicken with broccoli and potatoes.

Mini Food Processor

Unlike other appliances, this mini food processor takes up a very small space on your countertop and comes in bright, pretty colors. This processor can prepare almost all of your food. You can grind nuts, blend marinades and pesto sauce, churn butter, mince garlic, etc. All it takes is a push of the button.

Electric Tea Kettle

Your coffee can be ready in the morning before you even finish brushing your teeth and combing your hair. The electric tea kettle boils water and turns off by itself within five minutes. This can be used for both tea and coffee, whichever you prefer—we know there are strong biases out there.

Elevate the efficiency and classiness of your kitchen with these new appliances. You’ll be amazed how much yummy cooking you can do with little effort and time.