A well-organized pantry is central to maintaining a peaceful flow in your kitchen as well as prompting you to create more meals in the kitchen. Yet some kitchen pantry spaces can be extremely difficult to work with, resulting in a haphazard mess of food and cooking supplies in the kitchen. Here are some tips to optimizing your kitchen’s pantry space that will work with pretty much any pantry space you might have to work with.

Organizational Items

Large, Clear Canisters for Bulk Supplies

These are perfect for kitchen staples such as flour, oats, sugar, nuts, and dry beans. The best canisters for pantry organization have airtight lids and are rectangular in shape so that multiple can be stacked in a row.

Pull-Out Trays

For deeper cabinets used to store pantry items, pull-out trays are perfect for utilizing space and providing access to items kept in the back. Trays have a tremendous advantage over drawers for this type of storage because the shallowness of the trays still lets you see box and jar labels as you pull the tray out. We at Cabinet Corner actually offer pull-out trays for our wholesale kitchen cabinets.

Pull-Out Containers

On a similar note, pull-out containers can be set on deeper shelves in cases where installing pull-out trays isn’t an option. These containers are clear, long, and rectangular, and allow you to pull them out from a deep shelf to get a quick look at what they are storing.

Lazy Susans

Lazy susans are circular rotating turntables and are a great item to use for optimizing corner spaces in shelving.

On-Door Organization

For a little added storage space, don’t forget to make use of the back of your pantry door. Slim, hanging racks on a door can be used to hold spices, wax paper and foil, soup cans, oils, and so much more.

Organization Tips

Make use of labels.

Labels work especially well on clear canisters to help differentiate between, say, flour and sugar, as well as on pull out containers to give an idea of what someone will find in there. Remember: just because you know where everything in your pantry is, that doesn’t mean others who come into your home will. That’s where labels can come into your pantry organization.

Have everything visible.

It’s also key to make sure that everything in your pantry is visible, or at the very least, can be seen with one quick motion of pulling out a tray or pull-out container. This allows you to get a quick inventory of what supplies you have on hand and find out what needs to be replenished.

Organize by category.

It also helps to keep similar items together. Baking supplies such as flour, sugar, cocoa powder, and baking soda could have their own designated section in the pantry, while other sections might involve categories like tomato products, grains, canned vegetables, and snack foods.

If you’re looking to revamp the organization in your kitchen, Cabinet Corner has perfect solutions for cabinetry and cabinet accessories. From spice racks for narrow spaces between cabinets to lazy susans and rollout trays, you’re sure to find storage solutions perfect for your lifestyle.