When thinking about your kitchen or bathroom remodel, undoubtedly one of the questions you’re going to ask yourself is what level of quality you’re shooting for. You know you have to keep within a budget, but most people have learned (unfortunately often times because of experience) that settling for cheap, low quality products isn’t worth it.

This is all too true when it comes to new cabinets. Buying low quality cabinets built with poor materials is going to lead to frustration in the near future when your cabinets are either warped or cracking.

When it comes to the quality of RTA cabinets, usually the first questions asked are, “how durable are your cabinets?”, and, “what materials do you use?” Here at Cabinet Corner, we use a high density particle board. Many RTA kitchen cabinets are made of plywood, but let us tell you why we prefer particle board instead.

Plywood cabinets often times have an issue with warping. Over time, it’s common that plywood will warp due to humidity, change in temperature, and other natural, unavoidable occurrences. Plywood cabinets can easily warp in any climate or condition.

If you look closely at plywood cabinets in stores, you can often times see vertical and horizontal bracings inside the cabinets. This is done to try and mitigate the warping issue that’s almost inherent with plywood.

One of the main reasons we choose to use high density particle board is to entirely avoid the warping issue. The process we use involves bonding a maple melamine skin to the cabinet sides, backs, shelves, bottoms and tops through a complex heating process. This heat bonding process sandwiches the particle board between the two skins. We then band most of the edges with the same material so that you have very little exposure to the actual particle board.

This process results in a stronger, heavier duty RTA cabinet. Our cabinets are highly compressed, which creates a much more durable product. Bonding the particle board also prevents any water damage that could potentially occur with kitchen or bathroom cabinets.

We feel strongly that our RTA cabinets are much more durable and higher quality than cabinets made with plywood cabinet boxes.

If you’re ready for high quality RTA cabinets that are going to last, be sure to visit Cabinet-Corner.com. We’ll even send you a free sample and quote so you can get a feel for the quality and value you’ll receive from Cabinet Corner!