With summer just around the corner, you may be experiencing that itch to deep clean your whole home, or go through your clothes and donate or throw away old items you don’t wear anymore. That itch is a desire for change that comes with the changing of the seasons, and it’s a great way to clear away the metaphorical cobwebs and start fresh in whatever way you’d like—including your kitchen.

The kitchen is usually the primary hub in most homes and apartments. You likely see it all the time, so it’s understandable if it starts to look boring or not quite up to scratch. But where to start? Luckily, there are a lot of ways you can spruce up that highly frequented area of the house and create a summer kitchen that looks fresher and better than ever before.

Summer Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Let’s go over different options that are sure to inspire you with kitchen renovation ideas.

Add Greenery or Flowers

Living plants and flowers have a way of making any space they’re in feel new and alive. Consider adding a vase of your favorite flowers to your summer kitchen design that can be changed out weekly with ease. Flowers brighten any space they’re placed in and will spread their fragrance through the area as well, offering a clean, fresh scent you can’t get anywhere else.

You can also buy a few plants that are well-suited to the light in your kitchen. Just place them in corners so they are out of the way, but still present enough to add health and vitality to your kitchen.

Change Up the Color Scheme

If you’ve got the budget for it, altering your kitchen’s color scheme will shake up the feel of the whole room. Some nice summertime colors you could experiment with include yellows and turquoise or light blues.

Changing the color scheme to create a summer kitchen could mean painting areas of the kitchen or simply adding pops of color here and there that create a vibrant, new feeling in your kitchen space.

Alter Sitting Arrangements

Do you have a counter with stools or another area with a sitting arrangement of some sort? Your kitchen renovation project can be quick and easy by simply swapping out the old with something new. Swap your stools for something different and exciting, like bright yellow stools that add a bold pop of color. It’s a simple switch, but you’ll be well on your way—or even finished—with creating a fresh summertime kitchen.

Let Light In

Sometimes all a kitchen needs to feel fresh and new is more light. Open your window blinds and add light-colored drapes or curtains to enhance the natural light they catch. Letting more light into the area can drastically change the feel of a kitchen. You may even consider putting in new windows if space and money permit.

Use Cooking Tools as Decoration

Don’t get too cluttered with this idea, but a nice bottle of olive oil next to a jar of spices placed discreetly as decoration can change the feel of your kitchen. You might try adding a fresh bowl of fruit for a nice touch or even hang some of your pots and pans to make a statement.

Hang Some Art

Speaking of hanging things, you can change the feel of any room by putting up some prints, paintings, or photos. And, back to our suggestion of adding pops of color, putting up art that fits in with your preferred theme can make your new color scheme dreams a reality.

Seasonal Centerpiece

Adding a seasonal centerpiece to your kitchen table or counter is a simple way to set the tone you’d like. And since we’re talking about a summer kitchen, a centerpiece with flowers and lots of greenery is exactly what you need!

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