The kitchen is one of the most central locations in a home. Whether your kitchen opens up and is a space that your family and friends walk into and out of at will or an area of the house that is sectioned off a bit by walls or other strategic design elements, it remains an area that is central to daily activities.

Because so much time is often spent in a kitchen, it’s easy to go long periods without thinking about sprucing things up a bit. One of the best ways to change your kitchen without spending too much on an entire makeover involves adding color. You’ll be surprised at how different your kitchen design can look and feel if you just play around with color.

So, if you’re trying to discover ways to liven up your eating and food prep area with a few tweaks to your color scheme, we’ve got some suggestions for you!

Add Some Colorful Wall Hangings

Adding wall hangings is a great idea if you don’t want to spend a ton of time and money on a slightly bigger project. Replacing your old wall decorations or hanging new ones where none existed previously can change the feel of your kitchen design. If your kitchen colors feel a little muted and dull, try adding a bright, bold piece of wall art to change things up.

Include Natural or Faux Natural Pieces

Greenery in any form is a great way to add color to your kitchen. If your kitchen has lots of natural light and you have the energy to care for a bunch of real plants, throw up some shelves and add a succulent or climbing vine or two. You can also consider adding a bowl of real (or fake) fruit to the counter or kitchen table. Fruit provides a natural pop of color, just like plants do.

Change Up Your Tile

This project is a little more involved, but if you can afford to do it and are looking for an addition of color to your kitchen that is a little more permanent, changing up your tile is a great way to go. There are all sorts of color patterns, prints, and designs out there to choose from. If your kitchen colors are naturally more neutral (whites, lights browns, light greys), a bold tile floor could offset things nicely.

Play with Wall Colors

If your kitchen opens up and connects with other areas in your house, you can add color by simply painting one or all of the walls in the area. Whether it’s a wall in the kitchen or directly across from it, an accent wall of color can do wonders. If you want to add something with pattern and texture as well as color to your kitchen, try finding fun wallpaper prints to brighten up those kitchen colors.

Throw Down a Rug

A bright rug on a dark floor or a dark rug on a light floor can increase the visual interest in a kitchen area and tie in accent colors easily. The rug can go just about anywhere you’d like, from along the island by the sink to underneath the dining room table.

Adding Kitchen Colors with Cabinet Corner

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