So you know that you want to remodel your kitchen, but there are so many interior design styles to choose from! Maybe you worry that you’ll have to overspend to accomplish the kitchen you envision. Luckily, RTA cabinets can make even the most striking kitchen designs affordable and beautiful.

Knotty Alder Kitchen RTA cabinets

Traditional Kitchens. Traditional kitchens are probably the most common kitchen design. This style includes design elements like symmetrical lines and warm colors. It usually includes deeper wood colors with neutral wall colors. Our dark glazed RTA cabinets look great in this style.

RTA cabinets farmhouse kitchen

Farmhouse Kitchens. These kitchens are made to look like they belong on – you guessed it – a farm. This laid-back country style looks great with white Shaker RTA cabinets and a few touches of aged wood, flowers, and sometimes some classic plaid. Think cozy, bright, friendly, and hardworking. 

modern RTA cabinets

Modern Kitchens. The modern style calls for rigid squared angles with clean, sleek lines. Often, the wood grain is stained over to give off a more “clean-slate” look. White cabinets are also a very popular design feature in modern kitchens. This look keeps your kitchen looking simple, clean, and minimalist. Talk to the experts about making your kitchen look this sleek and modern. 

contemporary RTA cabinets

Contemporary Kitchens. Contemporary kitchens are very similar to modern kitchens but aren’t as rigid. There is more emphasis on curvature forms and motion to compliment the structure and gridlines of the modern style. 

RTA cabinet styles

Transitional Kitchens. Transitional interior design combines traditional design and contemporary design. It’s a great look to show classic elements with modern influences. This can look very clean while still giving off that feeling of “make yourself at home”. There are a lot of ways to design a transitional kitchen by combining any of the above styles. Let Cabinet Corner help you figure out what you need!
There is absolutely no reason why you can’t save money while still building your dream kitchen. The affordable prices of Cabinet Corner RTA cabinets invite you to let your imagination run wild and live in a picturesque home. From your kitchen to your bathroom to even your garage, we’re here to help you make them new again!