Some parts of your house are easier to keep clean than others. Ironically, the kitchen—one location that we would prefer to remain spotless and clean—often has the most potential to be quite dirty. That’s usually because the kitchen is the focal point of a lot of activity in the home. Whether it’s making and eating meals, doing homework or working at the kitchen table, or simply talking and socializing with family and friends, there’s always something going on in the kitchen.

So, if you’re looking for some tips and suggestions on how to keep a kitchen clean, whether that’s because you want to know how to clean kitchen cabinets or how to avoid the buildup of germs and potential viruses, look no further. Below you’ll find ten easy ways to help you keep your kitchen clean. And, while we can’t promise these tips will exterminate all germs or prevent you from having to deal with an illness, we can guarantee that your kitchen will be cleaner if you follow these simple suggestions.

Wipe Down the Walls

Start with cleaning your walls. Many people think about cleaning appliances and the floor but rarely do they ever consider wiping down the walls. Walls can get just as dirty as anything else in a house. When you clean the walls, start high and work your way down. Consider dusting off your ceiling first and then using a dust mop on high parts of the walls.

Keep an eye out for spots that might need more of a deep clean than just a wipe down. Wipe down air vents, doors, and doorknobs while you’re at it.

Clean the Fans, Art, and Photos

Dust gathers on the tops of ceiling fans, so be sure to wipe those clean too. You’ll likely also find dust gathered on the surfaces of any art or photos you have hanging on the walls or set up on tables. Avoid spraying cleaner directly on the glass surfaces of your decorations though, as that can leak through the glass and cause damage. Instead, use a damp rag to gently wipe away any dust.

Clean Blinds, Drapes, and Curtains

Consider hand-washing or machine washing any curtains or drapes you have hanging in the kitchen. While they’re getting a good clean, you can wash down the blinds. Blinds can be especially tricky as each individual slat must be wiped down for a deep clean. If it’s easier, remove the blinds so that you can clean them without having to wipe them down while hanging.

Clean Dishes

If any dishes need to be washed before you get started cleaning, clean them. Then fill up your sink with hot water, soap, and whatever appliances need a good soak to get really clean—such as the turntable in the microwave or the stove grills.

Sterilize Sink

After everything you’ve put in the sink has been cleaned and put away, give the sink the cleaning it deserves. Consider using bleach or another powerful cleaner that will strip away any lingering germs or grime that often build up in kitchen sinks.

Clear Out Fridge and Freezer

Remove whatever is in your fridge and freezer and do a thorough check. Throw away any expired or old items and then take a cloth and some cleaner to the shelves and interior surfaces of your fridge and freezer. Be sure to wipe out the fruit and vegetable trays too.

Wipe Down Microwave, Stove, and Oven

Microwaves and stoves have a way of getting dirty quickly. Check your owner’s manual for the specific ways you should clean your particular brand and model, especially the oven. Be sure to wipe down all the areas that hands touch regularly—the knobs on the stove, the oven door, the microwave door, and the microwave buttons.

Clear Out Kitchen Cabinets and Clean

Wondering how to clean kitchen cabinets? It’s a similar process to that of the refrigerator—take out any items in the cabinets, do an inventory and throw away what you don’t need or use. Then, using a damp cloth, wipe out your cabinets. It’s also important to clean the outside of kitchen cabinets as well, including the areas that a lot of hands touch, such as the handles or corners where the cabinets are commonly opened.

Clean Dishwasher, Counters, and Floors

Run the dishwasher empty to clean it and throw in baking soda or vinegar with the wash. Wipe out any bits of food, and don’t forget to wipe down the front of the dishwasher door. Scrub your counter tops and make sure you sweep and scrub your floor as well.

Empty Trash

Last but not least, be sure to empty your trash. Consider wiping down the inside of your trash can before putting in a new bag.

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