As you are planning to remodel your kitchen, you naturally are looking for easy and affordable options.  Your search has probably lead you to ready to assemble cabinets.  They seem like an excellent option to save money while you make your home beautiful.  Ready to assemble cabinets come with all of the holes drilled, parts cut to size, finishes applied, and more.  If you are thinking about buying ready to assemble cabinets, read below for the top four reasons why you should use them while remodeling your home.  


Ready to assemble cabinets are an affordable option for every budget.  They can cost up to half of what it would to pay someone to install cabinets for you.  Because they come disassembled, you don’t pay for someone to arrange them for you, they are cheaper to ship, and you will save on labor charges as you assemble them yourself.  The price of the cabinets will depend on what style, model, and features that you would like for your home.  

Many Styles

If you purchase RTA cabinets, you have countless options.  You can choose the finish (natural, white shaker, glazed, dark glazed and mocha shaker), style, size, and more.  You can pick all of the cabinet pieces that you need based on predetermined cabinet styles.  For example, there are sink base cabinets, base cabinets, drawer bases,  desk cabinets, 90 degree corner bases, 45 degree corner base, blind base cabinet, 30” wall cabinets, 36” wall cabinets, 12” appliance wall cabinets, pantry cabinets, different styles of moulding and panels, drawer dividers, toe kicks, rollout trays, lazy susans, trash pulls, towel bars, and more!

Easy to Assemble

Ready to assemble cabinets are an easy DIY project.  All of the holes will be pre drilled and the hardware is included (glue, dowels, screws, hinges, etc.).  You will receive instructions with your RTA that are clear and easy to follow.  If you purchase through Cabinet Corner, we will also be available via phone to help you through the assembly process.  

Feeling of Accomplishment

Sure you can pay someone to come out and install your cabinets for you, but if you take the DIY approach, you will have an amazing sense of accomplishment after you are finished.  You will learn a new skill in the process and be able to look at your amazing handi-work every day.  Your cabinets will mean something more to you if you chose to build and install them yourself, and you will feel proud of them every time you reach into them to grab a dish.