It’s easy to shop for RTA cabinets online, but how can you be sure you’re actually getting the best price? Your time is valuable, and you shouldn’t have to waste it getting the run around from several different RTA cabinet providers who are trying to make an extra buck. Here are 3 key points you should consider to help you choose the best cabinets at the lowest price with minimal impact on your busy schedule:


Buy Wholesale

Wholesale cabinets are much more affordable than retail priced options. At Cabinet Corner, we proudly offer beautiful RTA kitchen and bathroom cabinets at wholesale prices.


Look for a Guarantee

Buy from a company who guarantees low prices. That way, if you find a less expensive option elsewhere, they will most likely match it. We offer the guaranteed lowest prices in the country at Cabinet Corner and are proud to stand by that claim.


Try a Free Sample First

Before you make a cabinet purchase, it’s important to know what you’ll be getting ahead of time so there are no surprises. This increases the chance that you’ll be pleased with what you ordered, and decreases the likelihood of spending costly fees to return cabinets that didn’t show up how you expected. Cabinet Corner will send you a free cabinet sample beforehand so you can see the color and texture of the wood and make the perfect choice for your bathroom or kitchen before you buy.


At Cabinet Corner, we’re not here to make extra money at the expense of our customers. We’re transparent throughout the entire RTA cabinet process, with no hidden costs or fees. You can rest assured that with Cabinet Corner, you’ll get the absolute lowest price possible on RTA cabinets. Period.

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