After purchasing ready to assemble (RTA) cabinets, many buyers simply can’t believe how beneficial these products are. Apart from their cheap and simple-to-assemble nature, RTA cabinets offer design and renovation benefits that easily outstrip more expensive options on the market.

At Cabinet Corner, we’re proud to provide RTA cabinets to a wide range of customers. One common “issue” we hear from our clients is actually a big positive: Our products last so long, with such durability, that many people worry about keeping their kitchen fresh from a design standpoint – cabinets will look brand new even after years of wear and tear. Never fear, though: We have numerous tips and products that can help you keep things interesting here without spending much or anything at all. Here are some basic tips.

Hinges, Dampers and Slides

In many cases, simply changing some major cabinet hardware while keeping the original cabinets in place is the way to go. This may not even be a large visual change, but it can change the basic feel of the kitchen in subtle, positive ways.

Consider adding soft-close hinges or door dampers – these are great for preventing damage if you have small children or anyone else who often slams the drawers closed. You can also consider door slides for this same reason – they can help make things a bit smoother.

Doors and Drawer Faces

RTA cabinets come in standardized sizes, meaning it’s easy to mix and match doors between models as long as you know your size. If it’s time to change up some design elements in the kitchen, consider a gray shaker door along with a white shaker face frame for some contrast.

Knobs and Pulls

For maybe the least labor-intensive upgrade out there, but one that creates a big visual difference, consider get a new set of knobs and pulls for your cabinets. You can also consider matching kitchen accessories, such as utensil containers, napkin holders and others. This will bring the look of the full room into a great contrast.

For more on how to freshen things up when it comes to long-lasting RTA cabinets, or to learn about any of our selection, speak to the pros at Cabinet Corner today.