Installing Soft Close Hinges & Drawer Glides


Hello, I am Mike and I am here to show you how to install the new soft close glides and hinges. What we’re going to do first is switch out the old hinges for the new hinges. So what we’re going want to do first is just take out the screws from the old hinges and keep them, we’re going to reuse them again. Once you get it all unscrewed just take out the old ones, put in the new ones. The flat screws will be going into the doors. The rounded will be going to the frame. Once you have the new hinges into place, screw them in and for putting the hinge into the frame part, make sure to line it up as best you can (but in between the two pre-drilled holes that are already there). Once you have it centered it as best as you can just go ahead and screw it in.

Next we will be moving onto the glide portion of the soft closes. First off, we will be putting on the bracket on the cabinet. We have developed this jig to help make the installation of the brackets easier. Next, for the glide portion we will be putting on the glides that go onto the drawer. Make sure that the glide is all the way towards the front of the drawer so it’s hitting right on the face. There’s an opening in the back, with a gray little connection part, make sure that’s towards the back of the drawer and when putting on the glide make sure it’s a quarter of an inch (¼”) from the bottom of the drawer. Once you have it there just go ahead and screw it in.

The last thing we need to do is just to put the other part of the glide into the cabinet so the drawer can slide right in. How we’re going to do that is we’re going to put it through the opening for the drawer and it should just slide right into the bracket easy enough. Towards the front there’s a pre-grilled hole in the frame so line up the front hole of the glide, line it up with the pre-drilled hole and screw it right in and it’ll be good to go. Repeat it for the other side and once that’s done you can slide the drawer into place and it’ll be good to go.