When it comes to ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets, one of the first questions many customers ask is simple: Are they as durable as store-bought cabinets? This is an understandable question, as durability is one of the top factors in cabinets of any kind.

At Cabinet Corner, we produce only the highest-quality RTA cabinets for your purchase. Let’s go over the different aspects of cabinet durability, and how our products compare to those you’d buy in a store.


In reality, there are two factors that play into the general durability of a cabinet: The sturdiness and the stability. Let’s cover the former first.

At Cabinet Corner, our cabinets are built to be just as sturdy as anything you can buy in a store. In fact, many RTA cabinets are slightly over-built, with structural pieces that are even thicker than industry requirements. Why is this? Well, in large part because we know that not everyone is an expert in assembly. A professional carpenter would know every step here by heart, but many homeowners aren’t on that level. Adding a little extra sturdiness to our materials is a way of compensating for any potential hiccups that come during the assembly process.

Stability and Perfect Flatness

Even with the most precise machines known to man, there’s no such thing as achieving perfect flatness. No cabinet is going to be truly perfect. For this reason, nearly all cabinets need a piece called shims – these are tiny wedges of wood that help level the cabinets and make them far more stable. In reality, all cabinets are shimmed – you just don’t know about it when you purchase cabinets from a store and have them installed by a contractor.

For more on the durability of RTA cabinets, or to find out about any of our products, speak to the pros at Cabinet Corner today.