Kitchen ShelvesThere’s a storage trend that’s been making it’s way into more kitchens lately. Of course nothing can ever replace the traditional look of a solid wood cabinet, but for some people this new look fits their style. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of open shelves.

Open shelves are installed where your cabinets would normally go. They allow you to display all your kitchenware in plain view so your dishware becomes your decoration. It’s a fun way to dress-up your kitchen. When you have pretty dishe, who wants to hide them in a cupboard?

Another benefit to this style is that it opens up the space in your kitchen. That’s why a lot of people choose open shelves over closed cabinets. You lose the hassle of opening and closing doors all day long. And all your kitchenware is easy to find which speeds up the cooking process.

What can open shelves not do? For starters they can’t hide clutter. No more tossing stuff in a cupboard just to get it out of the way. You have to be more organized, placing everything back it its proper position on the shelf.

Next, the shelves and dishes will gather dust and grease from being out in the open. So not only must you be more organized but also more clean. If you live in a dusty area or like to leave your windows open then these shelves are probably not for you.

While open shelves create space, they can also create a sense of busyness. When all your kitchenware is on display that’s a lot for your eye to take in. Closed cabinets are nice for the fact that they are easy on the eye. Everything is tucked away behind closed doors so you feel more organized even if you’re not.

The kind of kitchen storage you use depends largely on your lifestyle. If you have younger kids or pets then you almost definitely want closed cabinets. It’s harder to keep children from pulling dishes off an open shelf. Pets can also climb on the counter and knock things down.

If you have your heart set on open cabinets but are worried about the con list then there are two ways to compromise. One is by splitting it half and half with some open shelves and some closed cabinets. The other is by installing closed cabinets with clear glass doors.