There’s a lot of choices to make when you’re remodeling your kitchen. One of these biggest decisions comes before you even choose your cabinets: which type of cabinet you want. There are RTA cabinets, semi-custom cabinets, custom cabinets, which kind is right for you? Here’s how you know that RTA cabinets are right for you.

-You’re not afraid to do some work yourself. RTA cabinets aren’t difficult to assemble, but they do take some time and effort. If you’re willing to do some of the manual yourself, RTA cabinets are a great option for you. If you’d rather not be involved in the assembling at all, you should look into either hiring someone to build your RTA cabinets for you, or buying pre-assembled.

-You’re on a budget. One of the biggest advantages of RTA cabinets is how budget friendly they are. This is not to say that they made from cheap materials. We’re able to cut costs on our RTA cabinets by not assembling the cabinets beforehand, saving on labor costs. We’re also able to mass produce them and store them, which also saves money. These savings get passed along to you, the customer.

-You’re on a deadline. It’s usually faster to order RTA kitchen cabinets than to order custom ones. Because our cabinets are mass produced and ready to ship, we can send them to you as soon as you place your order, and then it’s just up to you to assemble as quickly as you need. We rarely have styles out of stock. When you go with a semi-custom or custom cabinet provider, you have to wait for them to acquire the materials they need and build your cabinets before they can ship them to you. That’s a lot more time-consuming.

-You have a standard kitchen. RTA kitchen cabinets are a great fit for most kitchens. If your kitchen is pretty standard in shape and size, then RTA cabinets will work for you. You only need custom cabinets if you have an oddly shaped kitchen that won’t fit standard cabinets, or other unique needs. RTA cabinets will fit most homeowners’ needs.

-You want a classic look. Because our RTA cabinets are ready to ship, we do offer a limited number of styles. These are the most popular and classic styles of cabinets available, and we do offer a wide range of colors. If you want a classic look, there’s an RTA cabinet for that. However, if you have something totally out of the ordinary in mind for your cabinets, you probably will want to go the custom route.

-You want to work with people who are knowledgeable and dedicated to serving their customers. Okay, there are custom and semi-custom cabinet providers out there who are also dedicated to their craft and their customers. However, when you choose for your RTA cabinets, you know that you’ll get quality service from an in-house cabinet expert. We sell our cabinets at the lowest prices, guaranteed, so you know we won’t try to charge you too high of prices or rip you off. We simply want to help you get the kitchen of your dreams, in any way we can. If you ever have questions about your RTA cabinets, you can give us a call. Not everyone else promises that.


We’re well aware that RTA cabinets are not right for everyone. However, we do believe that they are right for most people. If the above applies to you, RTA cabinets are a great route to go!