Once you have convinced your significant other that it’s time to finally tear apart the kitchen and transform it into your dream home, you better believe that cost will be the first item of business discussed. It’s not usually a lack of effort or desire when it comes to a remodel, but rather a lack of funds.

However, you can usually find a happy medium and remodel your kitchen without having to take out a second mortgage. One way you can find huge savings on your remodel is by purchasing the right cabinets. We have a suggestion here: Ready To Assemble cabinets, or rather RTA cabinets.

What are RTA Cabinets?

Ready To Assemble cabinets are exactly what you’d think. They are cabinets that you purchase (usually online), but then you have to do the assembly and installation on your own. Traditionally, you’d have to pick out which cabinets you like, hire a contractor, and then pay extra for assembly and installation. With RTA cabinets, you choose your cabinets and then they’re delivered right to your doorstep. The RTA cabinets will of course arrive, needing to be assembled.

Before you get overwhelmed and say you’re not a contractor and that you can’t install your own cabinets, take a step back and rest assured knowing anyone can install RTA cabinets. In fact, we had a 96-year old customer that was able to install her own RTA cabinets.

Most RTA cabinet companies provide extensive step-by-step instructions on how to assemble and install your new cabinets. If you struggle along the way, you’ll always find helpful videos online, along with phone support.

Are RTA Cabinets right for you?

With many people deciding on Ready To Assemble cabinets for their remodels, you may be wondering if RTA cabinets are right for you.

Let’s start with some advantages of RTA cabinets:

  • Affordable – RTA cabinets are generally much, much cheaper than traditional cabinets. This is because you save money by not having to pay for assembly and installation. RTA cabinet companies will usually cut the costs on their cabinets quite a bit since they’re simply sending you the materials and expecting you to do the rest.
  • Stylish – Most RTA cabinet companies have extensive lines of stylish and modern cabinet. You can usually find a large range of cabinets from traditional natural-style cabinets to modern, white shaker cabinets.
  • Create a DIY project – for many people, the feeling of installing their own cabinets creates a sense of accomplishment. In addition, assembling and installing your cabinets gives you the peace of mind knowing your cabinets were installed properly and securely.

Now onto some disadvantages of RTA Cabinets

  • The work begins when your cabinets arrive – although some may see this as an advantage, the fact is, you’ll have to set aside some time and effort to be able to install your own cabinets. Although it’s not difficult, it will be time consuming.

If you don’t mind a DIY project that would require you to install your cabinets, then RTA cabinets are a great way for you to save money on your remodel. The quality is usually just as good as traditional cabinets, and in many cases, exceeds it.

We’ve been in the business for over 20 years and know the ins and outs when it comes to RTA cabinets. See our website for videos and phone support, as well as free samples and quotes.

Before spending too much on your kitchen remodel, check out RTA cabinet alternatives. You’ll save money and land the kitchen of your dreams. Check out Cabinet Corner to get started!