luxury wood cabinetsSo you’ve decided on a beautiful set of cabinets in the perfect color for your kitchen. But what about those special touches like molding, corner pieces, and space fillers? Here is a quick guide to their best uses and what your options are for each.

Decorative Molding

Decorative molding is most often used on the tops and bottoms of hanging kitchen cabinets. You’ll usually see large or wide crown molding lining the tops of hanging kitchen cabinets and smaller crown molding lining the bottoms. Adding molding to your kitchen cabinets will give them a finished, custom look and can turn basic cabinets into sophisticated masterpieces.

We at Cabinet Corner offer two types of larger crown molding as well as smaller crown molding so that you can give your ready to assemble kitchen cabinets a custom look. All of these come in pieces that are 8 feet in length.

Outside Corners

Outside corners are made to fit along the outside corners of cabinets and can add both a protective and decorative barrier to cabinet corners. You’ll most often see these installed on kitchen islands.

Cabinet Corner offers both 90 degree and 135 degree corner options for your cabinets. Both come in pieces that are 48 inches in length.

Space Fillers

Space fillers are special, finished pieces of wood made to fit in the empty spaces between cabinets to give your cabinet front a seamless look. Space fillers can have a flat front, or a fluted front for a more embellished look.

Our flat space fillers come in 3-inch and 6-inch widths and in lengths of 30 inches, 42 inches, and 96 inches. Our fluted space fillers, meanwhile, come in pieces that are 3 inches in width and 30 inches in length.

Knobs and Handles

Some choose to keep their cabinets free of knobs or handles, but a great many others opt for these decorative accents to help make opening and closing drawers and cabinet drawers a cinch. Choose from small round knobs; smooth, arched handles; or handles with a more geometric look. Looking for what would go best with your knotty alder cabinets? Browse our selection on our Cabinet Knobs and Handles page.

In case you’re in need of some inspiration for customizing your kitchen, take a look at the many decorative accents and cabinet accessories we have to offer on our Wholesale Kitchen Cabinet Accessories page. With several different stain options, cabinet accents, functional accessories, and hardware to choose from, you can create a truly custom look for your home.