Kitchens are the heart of the home. Like our body’s heart, we should keep our kitchens clean, clear and free of unnecessary clutter. So think of things like cookie racks on the countertop as bad cholesterol that disrupts the flow of blood to your heart. Cookie racks and other nuisances that are on top of the counter create chaos when you are busily trying to get things baked and cooked in the kitchen.

Allow us to explain. Here are some of the cons about having cookie racks on top of the counter rather than built in.

Why Built In Cooling Racks

Cookie racks take up so much counter space. Say you live in a small house or an apartment or a townhome with the kitchen the size of a pantry—you’re not going to want to use up that precious counter space on a nuisance like waiting for your cookies to cool.

Here’s a scenario: what if you want to make 6 dozen cookies for a friend’s baby shower and you only have a few quick hours to get it done and then out the door. Unless you live in a place with an abnormally huge kitchen, you probably don’t have the counter space to prepare more batter and more cookie sheets while you let the already baked ones cool. With built in cookie sheet racks, you can complete this task with better ease and elegance.

Or perhaps you are making a big meal. For example, it’s your son’s birthday and you are making homemade pizzas and cupcakes for dessert. With built in cooling racks, you can place the baked cupcakes there while using the rest of the counter space for the delectable pizzas your son and his buddies will gobble up after a round of cops and robbers or whatever boys are into these days.

Built in cooling racks are not just for cookies, but work perfectly for muffins, cupcakes, bars, cakes and other baking recipes. There are plenty of savory dishes that can also use a cooling rack.

Other Alternatives

If you’re not really a baker or simply hate the idea of built in cookie racks, we at Cabinet Corner offer many other storage spaces like lazy susans, trash pulls, spice racks, and roll out trays. Say perhaps you love to make soups, the built in spice rack would be excellent for allowing you to quickly grab a little nutmeg or saffron or cumin to add that extra pop of flavor to the soup. We have two different sizes of spice racks so you have an array of options open to you. Check out all of the high-quality kitchen accessories we offer.