The Cabinet Corner show room has a myriad of beautiful RTA cabinets in an impressive variety. Here is a description of a few of the things on display right now.

First off, the color simply called the Natural Knotty Alder. This finish is the lightest of the wood cabinets. This finish lets the high quality wooden material shine though, and keeps your space bright and fun. It pops with a darker counter that can create a unique contrast.

Another very popular option on display is the White Shaker cabinet. It is bright and clean, adding a cozy touch to any kitchen. The White Shaker is incredibly customizable because virtually any color or style of countertop will look great.

Also illustrated by the White Shaker RTA cabinets are a few more customizable options. This set is staggered, meaning that the tops of the cabinets are at different heights. This feature adds an interesting skyline to your homey space, and even more nooks to decorate and make your own! They also have a larger molding at the top than the Knotty Alder model, which can be specified to your exact taste. These cabinets feature the necessary Lazy Susan, and a spacious corner cabinet, both which will add space and convenience to your cooking area. These RTA kitchen cabinets are full of convenient organizational features, like the built-in spice rack, and space for your cookie sheets, right by the range.

The next item for viewing is the Mocha Shaker, which is dark and full. Paired with a modern silver handle these cabinets are understated and chic. Against a light wall they can pop and add flair to your home. Another one of Cabinet Corner’s features illustrated here is the above/side fridge shelving which can add space, especially if you do not have a separate pantry.

Next is the Glazed Knotty Alder, which is lighter variety on display that still highlights the natural wood underneath. It looks excellent with a natural tan granite and will blend will your appliance. A quietly outspoken choice that will make your guests pause, without being overbearing.

All of these RTA cabinet colors and customizable features can also be used to create office spaces and bathrooms with equal beauty. With their giant warehouse space, you will be hard pressed to find an option Cabinet Corner doesn’t have in stock.

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