The roll out tray is a great solution to a number of problems. They virtually eliminate the need to hunt through scattered, unorganized items in order to find what you’re looking for, and they maximize efficiency. Overall, they always make for a cleaner kitchen. Though these pull-out trays are great wherever you want to use them, there are a few places that they will have the greatest effect.

Pots and Pans Storage

The pots and pans cupboard is often the hardest to keep organized. You probably use these cooking tools more often than others and their odd shapes and sizes make them very difficult to stack. Finding the right size lid for the pot you’re using becomes a major headache and is always accompanied with obnoxious clashing and clanging as you search.

Cabinet Roll-out trays solve this problem. When you pull out the trays, it makes it possible to organize everything neatly and see exactly what you are looking for without having to search. You can more easily organize the space when you put pots away because you can see and reach everything easily.

Spice Racks

Rollout trays are also great for organizing your spices on a spice rack. You can fit a tiered rollout tray into a smaller cupboard for this. You’ll be able to immediately see which spice you are grabbing without rummaging around all the others. It helps you keep your containers organized how you like them and allows you quick access to spices so that you can optimize your time in the kitchen.

Optimize Pantry Space

The pantry can easily become very cluttered with so many foods stored within. Rollout trays help you to most effectively use the space for each item, as they help you to get to food quicker and easier.

You can also use these trays to organize your pantry food items. You might want to keep your cereals and oatmeals in one tray, flour and sugar in another, canned goods in another, and so on. This organizational tool will help you keep things tidy and help you to find things more quickly when you are cooking or baking.

Trash Can Storage

If you hate the sight of an ugly, smelly trash can in your kitchen, a rollout tray for your trashcan is a great option. You can store your trash can behind a closed cupboard door, and it’s easy to pull the trash can out whenever you need to use it. This will help your kitchen look and smell much better.

If you find that you can’t live without these great rollout trays in your kitchen, visit our website to see more options.