Remodeling your home is a wonderful and fun event.  Unfortunately, it can also be an expensive one and most homeowners find that their wish list does not always align with their budget.

There are many different ways to upgrade the look of your kitchen, bathroom or other area of the home without breaking the bank. One of the best ways to do this is to buy wholesale items, such as your cabinets, countertops, vanities, mirrors, showers or more.

Until recently, wholesale pricing was usually only available to professionals (such as licensed designers or contractors) or to people who had a membership to a wholesale warehouse.  This allowed the professionals to buy the items at a reasonable price and either pass on those savings to their clients or resell the item for a profit. However, with the surge in online shopping, many companies are starting to offer wholesale prices to the general public.

Why you may ask? Well, the way that wholesale shopping is possible is that you buy the product directly from the manufacturer.  This cuts out all of the potential additional costs of shipping it to a retailer and the costs of the retailer to sell that item to you. By cutting out the middleman, you can get the item for significant discounts (up to 50%). While previously manufacturers relied on retailers to get their products out to the general public (or for the general public to make a trek out to their warehouse), the Internet shopping boom means that manufacturers can now easily sell their products directly to the consumer.

So why buy wholesale?

Wholesale items are brand name, quality and brand new pieces that are offered at the lowest possible prices. This means that you get the product you love at a price you can deserve.  Wholesale shopping means that you don’t have to wait for a certain item to hopefully go on sale or compromise with an item that is of inferior quality.

When picking out the products that will make your remodel shine, don’t forget to check out your wholesale options.  You may find that your wish list is much more financially possible than you ever would have expected.

If you are considering changes for one of your bathrooms, be sure to check out our wholesale bathroom vanities.  Save yourself the stress and expense of dealing with custom cabinets and choose one of our beautiful options instead!