Back in July we covered 5 reasons to get ready-to-assemble cabinets for your bathroom, including easy installation, cost-effectiveness, high quality, a great new look, and plenty of storage space. Now, for those looking to give their bathrooms a modern update, here are five ways that you can incorporate RTA cabinets into your modern bathroom.

Opt for a simple cabinet design.

Any of our high quality RTA cabinets can be integrated into a modern bathroom, but our Mocha Shaker cabinets will probably lend the most modern look to your bathroom. These cabinets have a simple design that features right angles and a clean, consistent finish throughout.

Add modern hardware.

A great way to give your bathroom an instantly more modern look is to install modern hardware, and with RTA cabinets come plenty of options for modern hardware. Look for knobs, pulls, and handles with simpler, more geometric designs, such as the straight-line handles on our knobs and handles page.

Top with something contemporary.

There are a wide variety of countertop types to choose from for a modern bathroom. Granite, quartz, and marble are three of the most popular options, as they are all extremely versatile and come in a variety of looks from ultra-traditional to ultra-modern. The most modern countertops are neutral in color, such as light beige, grey, or white.

Surround with simple interior decor.

When you install these cabinets in your bathroom, keep the simple and clean look consistent by involving simple interior design throughout the rest of the bathroom. Opt for light, neutral colors on your walls and simple hardware for your cabinets, sinks, tub, and shower. And when you add decorative accents, remember that less is more.

Take advantage of storage for a minimalist look.

Modern interior design is known for its preference for a minimalist look. When you opt for RTA cabinets for your bathroom over, say, a pedestal sink and small shelving units, you’ll enjoy all the storage space you could possibly need in the form of cabinet and drawer space. Besides offering ample storage for all of your bathroom necessities, built-in bathroom cabinets have the added bonus of keeping everything that you’re storing in your bathroom completely out of sight, meaning that you can keep cleaning supplies, toiletries, etc. in your cabinets, all the while maintaining a minimalist look in your bathroom.