One advantage of ready-to-assemble cabinets is that you have the freedom to wait until just before it’s time to install your cabinets to order them. Ready-to-assemble cabinets take just one to two weeks to reach your home after your purchase them online. This gives you time during your kitchen renovation to consider the different cabinet styles available and to select the perfect cabinets to go along with the rest of your finished kitchen.

Are you beginning the kitchen renovation process but are still unsure as to which cabinet style would be best? RTA cabinets offer a wide range of color and texture options to suit any home style. Here is a quick guide to how you can select the best RTA cabinets for you with Cabinet Corner.

Choose Your Style

When you order RTA cabinets from Cabinet Corner, you have two main cabinet styles to choose from: raised panel style and shaker style. Our raised panel style cabinets feature a rectangular raised panel on the doors, as well as naturally-occurring knots that add character to your cabinets. They are great for bringing a warm, natural aesthetic into your kitchen and for completing any traditional or modern space. Shaker style cabinets, meanwhile, feature a recessed center panel of knotty alder wood on the doors and are also great for either traditional or modern spaces. Many love shaker style cabinets in particular for modern kitchen spaces.

Choose Your Finish

Our raised panel style cabinets come in three different stains so that you can select the best one for your kitchen. Our natural stain is a clear finish that produces a beautiful honey color with contrasting light and dark pieces throughout the door. The light color opens up any spaces and works to amplify natural light. Our standard glaze, meanwhile, produces a warm, brown color on your cabinets and involves a stressing technique that makes them look natural and untreated. Finally, the dark glaze have a rich, sophisticated finish that goes especially well with cherry wooden furniture and dark walnut furnishings.

And if you prefer a matte finish, our mocha shaker cabinets might be perfect for you. They come in a rich mocha, matte finish, and any knots on them are small and tight.

Try Out Our Cabinet Design Center

Our design center gallery can give you just the inspiration you need to make your decision when it comes to kitchen cabinets. You’ll find examples of beautiful cabinet designs and innovative layouts, with suggestions on how you might decorate your kitchen around the cabinet style that you choose.

Order a Free Sample

The best way to know whether a certain style and finish will suit your kitchen is to order a free sample. Visit our “request a free cabinet door sample” page to select which cabinet sample you want mailed to your home.