While RTA cabinets cost less, the time and effort involved during installation does take a little while. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are some tips to make your cabinet installation a success.


Assemble the cabinets one at a time. Read the entire instructions before you begin to make sure you have all the necessary tools handy. Make sure all the boards and hardware are there. You don’t want to begin and then realize you’re missing something and have a half-assembled cabinet.

Also, don’t assume that all cabinets follow the same instructions. They don’t all work the same way, so read the manual for each one before putting it together. If you get confused just call us. We’ll walk you through the process.

Decide if you need a second person to help assemble the cabinets or if you feel comfortable doing it by yourself.



  1. Remove all of the old cabinets. Look for any uneven spots in the floor or wall in case you need to shim the cabinets.

  2. Next, find the studs using an electronic stud finder. Mark them with a pencil. Now you’re ready to attach the cabinets to the wall.

  3. Just like above, make sure you have all needed tools handy. You’ll need a measuring tape, a pencil, screws, a drill, and two C-clamps.

  4. Begin with the upper corner wall cabinet. Measure the wall from the corner to the stud. Then, mark the same distance on the inside of the cabinet where it matches with the stud. Pre-drill a hole into each.

  5. Lift the cabinet into position and support it using a wooden T-brace. Screw the cabinet into the wall, but don’t tighten the screws all the way.

Now follow the same instructions for the next cabinet. Measure from the previous cabinet to the next stud and mark with a pencil. This time, clamp the cabinet to the previous one. Secure the two cabinets to each other by fastening a screw through the stile of each one. Now fully tighten all screws on both cabinets. Keep up that same pattern all the way around. Then, do the same for the lower cabinets, starting with the blind corner cabinet.

After all cabinets are mounted to the wall, attach the doors and drawers.

Keep in mind a 10×10 kitchen might have 6-10 cabinets. Expect to spend several hours on the project. You won’t save time, but you will save money and inherit a feeling of accomplishment once you’re done.