Our home bar looks great with the cabinets we selected. Shipping was perfect and assembly as expected. You were very friendly and professional. We have received many compliments and we have already recommended you to friends.

Thank you!
Stephanie H.

We love hearing from our customers, and think that it is incredible some of the things they use our cabinets for! As the weather starts to cool down, get-togethers move from the backyard to inside the home, and this seems like a perfect time to talk about what you might need to operate a home bar from your kitchen – instantly making your home the place to be, and a surefire hub for social gatherings.

As you can see from Stephanie’s photos, she used some RTA cabinets to create the perfect storage and presentation for everything you might need to have a fully stocked bar. If you’re thinking about implementing your own home bar, here’s a few tools you may need to get started:

The jigger is what looks like a double sided shot glass, and is essential for measuring out everything you might need to create the perfect mixed drink. They come in a few different sizes, so shop around and find the one (or few!) that will suit your needs.

You might not know what a cobbler or Boston shaker is by name, but we can bet you’d recognize it if you saw it. This tumbler looking shaker is used by pretty much everyone professionally and personally, so it must doing the trick, right?

But what about drinks that don’t need to be shaken? This long handled, stainless steel spoon is the perfect tool for swirling your cocktails to perfection.

Sure, you could buy juice and keep them in your refrigerator, but anyone who is anyone can tell you that it’s hard to beat a cocktail made with fresh-squeezed juice. You’ll save money on buying juice, cut down the sugar, and on top of all of that look SUPER professional when you whip it out to concoct something for your friends or family. Or yourself.;)

Okay, so you’ve measured everything out exactly how it needs to be, you’ve added your fresh fruit juice, and you mixed it to perfection… all it needs is a citrus garnish. Keeping a citrus peeler handy will make any drink complete and impress anyone who see’s you take the time to add that special detail to their drink right before you hand it to them.

Hopefully this list has inspired you to pursue a home bar, or helped you make a list of things you need for the one you already have!

Keep telling us what awesome or unique things you’re doing, or what you’re planning to do with your RTA Cabinets! We look forward to hearing from you!