If you’re considering getting new cabinets for your kitchen, you likely either have a particular wood in mind, or you have a kitchen design in mind and want the wood you choose for your cabinets to integrate well into that design. Whichever situation describes you, it’s great to find inspiration to go along with the various wood finishes you’ll see in the cabinets you’re shopping for. Here at Cabinet Corner, we have an online Cabinet Design Center where you’ll find all of our cabinet finishes paired with various color palettes and interior design styles, so that you can explore which cabinets will look best in your home. Here is a quick look at some of the inspiration you’ll find in our design center, categorized by finish.

Natural stain

Our natural stain cabinets feature a clear finish that brings out a rich, beautiful honey color with contrasting light and dark pieces throughout the surface of the wood. You might find natural stain cabinets in a kitchen design reminiscent of the French countryside, with bright, airy accents of white and blue. To complete your “French country” kitchen, you could integrate organic shapes and delicate patterns, involving either antique or simple style hardware depending on your preference. Natural stain cabinets also integrate well into a kitchen design reminiscent of a Swedish cottage. A Swedish cottage kitchen is made complete with plenty of contrast and color, bringing together an eclectic collection of pieces that will make anyone feel at home.


Our glazed cabinets are warm brown in color and have a natural, untreated look because of how they are distressed. This makes them perfect for a mountain retreat inspired kitchen design. To complement your cabinets in a mountain retreat inspired kitchen, you might decorate with earth tones, natural stone, a hardwood floor, and accents of warmer reds and greens for a cozy feel.

Dark glazed

Our dark glazed cabinets feature a dark, elegant look that can be paired with either a classic or contemporary design in your kitchen. These cabinets go well with a nature inspired kitchen design and can be paired with comforting neutrals and various textures for a natural aesthetic. Or, dark stained cabinets can be part of a modern kitchen design, with geometric accents, bursts of color, and metallic tones.

Mocha shaker

Our mocha shaker cabinets feature a recessed center panel and a rich mocha, matte finish. They pair well with both traditional and modern kitchen designs. These cabinets could be incorporated in an old world interior kitchen design, complemented by warm stone accents, mosaic patterns, and intricately detailed hardware. Or, you can incorporate these cabinets in a tuscan countryside inspired kitchen, complete with light colored stone features and golden accents.

In need of more inspiration? See our Cabinet Design Center for more detail and visual inspiration.