Like with any three-dimensional spherical structure, kitchen cabinets come with basic special dimensions. The height, width, and depth of custom RTA cabinets matters for what kinds of things you can fit in them, of course, but dimensions may also have a few other important functionality and aesthetics factors as well.

At Cabinet Corner, we can help you with all your spatial concerns when it comes to our cabinets, making sure you avoid an issue with dimensions you hadn’t previously considered. Here are the basic standards for cabinet dimensions.

Depth Standards

In most cases, the depth of kitchen cabinets is relatively standardized. The industry standard here is 24 inches, or two feet, away from the wall. This differs from standard countertop depth, which ranges between 25 and 30 inches from the wall.

There are exceptions here like there are for virtually everything. Deeper cabinets are available for larger or deeper refrigerators, and some cabinets may have doors that subtly impact the way they’re installed depth-wise.

Varying Widths

When it comes to width, however, there’s really no standardization within the industry. Kitchen cabinets can range from 12 inches to 36 inches in width, and this will often depend on how many cabinets you have and the kind of space you need. In general, it’s better to have cabinets that are a bit less wide than needed rather than cabinets that are too wide – cabinets that are too wide simply won’t fit, while those that are too short can be fit into the space using a filler to eliminate the leftover area.

Height Factors

There are several considerations when it comes to choosing cabinet height. For one, you have to consider the countertop height or thickness, which is usually about 1.5 inches with no backsplash. Then you have to consider cabinet height, which is about 31 inches in most cases. Finally, you have to consider the toe kick, which is located at the bottom of the cabinet and inset behind the face – this is about 3.5 inches. Without a toe kick, you’d constantly be slamming your toes into cabinets while you try to do dishes.

For more on the dimensions of cabinets, or for any of our RTA cabinet options, speak to the pros at Cabinet Corner today.