At Cabinet Corner, we’ve spent years dealing with every area of cabinets. From pre-made kitchen cabinets up to custom RTA cabinet options, we have all the expertise you need to get the perfect new cabinets in your home.

Over the years, we’ve also heard a regular misconception about our RTA cabinets: That because they’re inexpensive and affordable, they also must be poor materials that don’t stand up to the competition. This couldn’t be further from the truth in reality, though – let’s look at why we can afford to sell such inexpensive cabinets without sacrificing quality.

What Makes RTA Cabinets Inexpensive?

RTA cabinets are indeed lower in cost than other custom cabinet types, but this doesn’t signal any kind of inferiority whatsoever. Rather, it’s a nod to the basic realities of supply and demand – companies like us at Cabinet Corner are able to purchase the highest quality cabinet materials in bulk for a great price on our end, and we’re able to use streamlined production processes to get them assembled and ready for you in far less time than custom cabinet options.

This means that without sacrificing quality at all, you get a much better bargain. This is perfect for many people looking to remodel on a budget.

You Have Options

Another common myth is that RTA cabinets don’t give you any options – they come in a preset package, and what you see is what you get. This is technically true on its face, but it ignores a pretty simple bit of context: Yes, RTA cabinets are what they are, but there are numerous options for you to choose from in the first place. You can customize everything from door panel design and hardware to wood and stain type. RTA cabinets may lack the detailed hand-carved doors you’d find on a custom cabinet, but there are plenty of ways to make these yours.

Skipping the Middle Man

Back to supply and demand: When you come to us for RTA cabinets, you’re cutting out the middle man. We’re the producers of these cabinets, and we aren’t passing them through another party who will alter them and then jack up the price. This saves you both time and money.

For more on why inexpensive doesn’t mean poor quality, or to learn about any of our RTA cabinets, speak to the pros at Cabinet Corner today.