Under cabinet lighting is great for both adding dimension to the lighting in your kitchen and serving as a softer form of light at night when you might want some light to remain on in your kitchen. Under-cabinet lighting is a kitchen feature that many homeowners can select and install themselves, and there are many different ways that you add it to your kitchen. Here is a brief overview of the options for under-cabinet lighting that you have to choose from.

LED Rope Lighting

Many love the versatility that comes with LED rope or tape, and one use for this special type of lighting is for under-cabinet lighting. LED rope lighting is extremely thin, making it an easily hidden and discreet form of lighting. It’s also easy to install, as it often requires using only double-sided tape. This type of lighting does not put out particularly strong light, so you should opt for this option only if you’re looking to complement already-existing ambient lighting.

LED Strips

LED strips are similar to rope lighting but tend to put out more light. They offer a cooler form of lighting, both temperature-wise and color-wise. LED strip lighting tends to be the most expensive option, but it does have a significantly longer lifespan than fluorescent strip lighting.

Fluorescent Strips

No need to worry—today’s fluorescent light fixtures have improved significantly from the fluorescent fixtures of the past that turned on after and a delay and produced a humming sound while turned on. You will find fluorescent light strips of various diameters so that you can select the perfect width for your cabinets. These light strips generally must be plugged in and look best when wiring is tucked away near an outlet located just underneath your hanging cabinets.

Puck Lights

For more concentrated sources of light, you might consider installing small, circular puck lights underneath your cabinets. You can find both plug-in and wireless battery-operated varieties of puck lights, and many are activated by simply pushing up on the light with your hand. Most puck lights available today feature LED bulbs, which means that they will not generate high amounts of heat as with older xenon bulbs. Wireless puck lights are a great option for rentals in particular because they can simply stick to the underside of a cabinet and require virtually no extra renovation work in terms of adhering or wiring.