Are you excited about putting together your own cabinets for your bathroom or kitchen? Is it your goal to upgrade all the cabinets in those rooms? Cabinet Corner has the wholesale prices and high-quality materials you need.

Our ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets are perfect for:

  • Any lifestyle blogger and home buyers who enjoy testing out DIY projects
  • Homeowners or house flippers who want to upgrade cabinets
  • Contractors searching for a valuable cabinet resource

Both the occasional lifestyle blogger and home buyers have improved their kitchens and bathrooms on their own with RTA cabinets. By putting in some effort (which can be fun!), you can pay low prices and build your own cabinets. Get the satisfaction of using your own hands for these prominent features of your house!

If you’re not sure what style of cabinet you want, look through the different types we have available below. (We’ll discuss your options for getting samples or a consultation later!)

Choose the Cabinet Style for Your Space

We offer two beautiful styles and four different finishes for our cabinet face styles. Each combination works well in several different situations.


natural glaze kitchen cabinets

These wood panels feature a bright honey color, a clear finish, a raised central rectangle, and both small and large knots. The light color is versatile, making a neutral backdrop for almost any kitchen or bathroom style, and it reflects light well, making rooms seem brighter and larger. The natural look of the wood can also make a room feel cozy and warm.


Our glazed wood panels have a darker brown color than our natural stain style. Our glaze finishing process also makes the wood look distressed like it’s been in a cabin for years. This can add an aged and charming rustic effect to your kitchen or bathroom. It features our classic raised panel doors.


This is a shaker-style cabinet, in a white painted American Poplar wood. The cabinets will brighten and open a kitchen or bathroom, increasing the effect of natural light. They complement modern, clean interior designs. The center recessed rectangle in each panel looks sleek and contemporary.


knotty alder mocha shaker photos

These wood panels are a rich, chocolatey brown. The middle of the panels is recessed in a timeless Shaker style (rather than raised), and they feature occasional small wood knots. You can use the cabinets as bold accents in either traditional or contemporary rooms, both with old-fashioned decorations or modern styles.

Get the Design Help You Need

You can order a sample kit of different cabinet colors and finishes so that you’ll see them up close and know for sure what you want. We want to help you make this important decision by letting you visualize your finish project better.

You can also get consultation help from us here at Cabinet Corner. We are ready to help you pick out just the right cabinets for any size, shape, or style of room. We’re very experienced in helping our many satisfied customers, and we’d love to help you too!

To get started, request samples, contact us for help, or order your cabinets.