Are you considering a kitchen or bathroom remodel? Selecting the right cabinets for your investment is a big decision. Today, more and more people are making the switch from traditional cabinets to Ready to Assemble, or RTA cabinets for their kitchen or bathroom upgrade. Here’s why:


RTA Cabinets Save You Time

Traditional cabinets are assembled and installed in your home by the manufacturer or by a contractor. RTA cabinets match the quality and durability of traditional cabinets but are pre-assembled so you can easily install them yourself. The process for manufacturing RTA cabinets has been perfected and streamlined, meaning we can efficiently product custom cabinets for you in less time.

RTA cabinets are made of durable, versatile wood that accepts stains of every shade, so you can have the dream kitchen you want in a fraction of the time! The way our RTA cabinets are packaged makes them easier to store in our warehouse, which allows us to have more styles in stock ready to ship. This also means they won’t clutter up space in your home before you’re ready to install them. Assembly is easy, with hardware and detailed instructions included. We can also walk you through the process by phone. And the best part is, you can assemble them on your own time and at your own convenience.


RTA Cabinets Save You Money


It’s possible to update your kitchen or bathroom on a budget by doing it yourself! Constructing new cabinets and hiring a contractor to install them is very expensive, especially if you want the cabinets customized for your home. RTA cabinets require very little labor costs for assembly and installation and can be shipped to your faster.

We are proud to offer industry leading low prices on RTA kitchen and bathroom cabinets that are the same quality as traditional cabinets at a fraction of the cost. In fact, you’ll save 50% off retail when ordering RTA cabinets from Cabinet Corner!


You Don’t Have to Be a Master Carpenter to Install RTA Cabinets

You don’t have to be an experienced handyman to install your own RTA cabinets. Cabinet Corner has the expertise to help you install your beautiful new kitchen. We offer resources like cabinet installation guides, measurement guides, video tutorials, assembly instructions and more to help answer your questions. Our staff is also available to help walk you through the process.

Want to learn more about Cabinet Corner RTA cabinets? Download our 2016 Pricing Catalog!