Is your bathroom in need of a little sprucing?

Remodeling your bathroom can seem like a daunting task, but the outcome will look and feel incredible. Consider all the time you spend in your bathroom and then picture how relaxing it will be to come home to a new, beautiful space and to take a peaceful soak in a glamorous pedestal tub.

We’ve compiled some tips to help you get through the four main steps to planning a DIY bathroom remodel.

First, determine your budget.

In the world of bathrooms, there are a surprising number of upgrade options available. Are you looking for new floors and a coat of paint? Or will you be taking down and resizing a few of the neighboring rooms to create a bigger, more luxurious bathroom space? Are you needing new fixtures or perhaps just some new bathroom cabinetry you can install yourself? Whether you’re working with a contractor or doing this on your own, your first step should always be deciding on a budget.

In a world of social media and an ever-growing collection of online publications and forums surrounding specific areas of home improvement, it’s easy to get swept away in all the excitement of changing and recreating your bathroom space. Discuss your plans with all necessary parties (including those who you share the house with!) and set financial goals for the bathroom renovation.

Next, choose your style.

Before you begin researching for your bathroom remodel, consider the look you are going for, and what your budget can handle. You may spy a beautiful light fixture (with a hefty price tag) that fits your dream for a Parisian luxury hotel look for your bathroom, but maybe consider spending that money on something more functional, like a double vanity or a new shower head, especially if you plan to sell the home in the future and want a positive impact on your home’s value from this remodel.

Pinterest can be a great place to look for inspiration for your bathroom. They are many blogs and websites that share their home renovations, and they’re a great place to help narrow down a style you like. For instance, if you like a more southern rustic style, check out this gorgeous farmhouse style powder room for inspiration.

Cabinet Corner understands the joy that comes from having cabinetry in your bathrooms that fits with your style and taste for the space, and that’s why we have a variety of RTA bathroom cabinet colors and styles. Try our Dark Glazed RTA Cabinets for a classic look that works with most homes, old and new, or maybe the more modern White Shaker Cabinets which could bring a light, open feel to the bathroom.

Now, you can begin your research.

Talk to friends and local connections to see where you can get the best local deals, and then head online to compare. Even with shipping, you may find some options online or at garage sales and consignment shops that help you to save in certain areas of the remodel, meaning you can reallocate that money to some fancier fixtures while still staying within your budget. Begin this researching and planning process well in advance of your project to be sure that you can find the best deals and you aren’t rushed into a purchase that puts you over your budget.

When it comes time to purchase your bathroom cabinetry, our streamlined processes allow us to quickly produce ready-to-assemble cabinets for any project at the lowest price in the country, guaranteed. You’re sure to find something in our variety of styles that fits your bathroom remodel, so check out our DIY cabinet solutions as you begin your bathroom remodel to save on cabinetry and spend that portion of your renovation budget elsewhere.

Finally, you are ready to start your remodel!

Plan out your entire project so that you know just how long your bathroom will be out of commission. Make sure you have an alternate space you can use to get ready and clean up during the renovation project. Since this is a DIY project, you are likely to have lots of instruction packets and planning tools, so remember to read them carefully as you start each mini project. Cabinet Corner offers great planning and assembling tools for our RTA cabinets.

As you finish your remodel, you can now enjoy a brand new bathroom space courtesy of a painless, well-planned renovation process. Enjoy your new space.