So you’ve just remodeled your kitchen by installing beautiful new cabinets (if you haven’t already picked out and installed new cabinets, why not browse our rta kitchen cabinets and come back after you’ve chosen some?). And yet it still looks empty or unfinished. What do you do?

Many people spend a lot of time thinking about the actual remodeling of a kitchen, but forget about the small decor details. However, these little things are the touches that really bring life and personality into your kitchen and make it seem finished. Definitely spend time carefully choosing your cabinets, but don’t forget about the little things either. Here are some quick and easy ways to decorate your new kitchen.

Decorative Towels and Linens

Every kitchen needs towels, but have you ever thought about your towels as a piece of decor? Try switching out your old towels for some nice ones in your favorite color or print for a fashionable yet functional piece of decor.


Flowers are a great and easy way to add a little pop of color and elegance into your home. Placing a vase on your counter or in your windowsill can instantly liven up your space. You can use fake flowers that you never have to worry about replacing, or fresh flowers if you have a garden.


Changing the curtains can completely change the feel of a room. You might already have curtains, but are they making the statement you want to make? Trade out your curtains for a set with bright colors or a cool design to really make a change in your kitchen.


Artwork is another great way to decorate a kitchen. However, you want to make sure it’s out of the way, so it won’t just splashed on while you’re cooking. Above the dining room table is a great place to display some of your favorite artwork without the risk of damaging it.


If you have dishware you really love, don’t hide it away in the cabinets. Find a way to display your favorite dishes! If you have a great mug collection, install some hooks under your cabinets and hang your mugs there. A beautiful bowl makes a great place to store fruit on the counter. There are lots of ways to creatively display your dishware.

Cabinet Top Decor

Most kitchen cabinets have enough room above them to store items. Don’t just use this space to store pots and pans, put it to work and display decor items! Things like small pictures or signs, plants, baskets, and cookbooks easily spruce up that usually forgotten area.

There are a lot of other great ways to decorate your kitchen; these are ideas are just a starting place. Our rta kitchen cabinets are incredibly versatile and there are endless decor options you can pair with them. Don’t be afraid to get creative and make your kitchen really stand out!