Even an experienced carpenter can make a mistake installing a kitchen cabinet. Do the kitchen cabinet installation yourself, but give your cabinet the professional look by avoiding common errors.

Before you even begin to think about installing kitchen cabinets yourself, you need to ensure that you are both capable and permitted to do so. Some cabinet warranties are automatically void should you do the kitchen cabinet installation yourself. And unless you are an accomplished carpenter, you should also plan on having a strong helper much of the time.

Why Your Cabinet Needs to be Installed Correctly

Safety and looks are important considerations with kitchen cabinet installation. I can not imagine putting dishes into a cabinet that is not level or barely hanging from the wall.

With a wall unit, you can be certain that a lot of damage can occur to dishes, the wall, or people standing underneath if insufficient care is given when installing the kitchen cabinets. A crooked cabinet will be quite obvious once everything is assembled, and your kitchen will look less attractive because of it.

Summarizing Kitchen Cabinet Installation Mistakes

Most mistakes made during kitchen cabinet installation can be attributed to not making careful preparations. The following are just a few of the common mistakes a person could make:

  • Installing cabinets so they are not square or level
  • Forgetting to find the studs before installing kitchen cabinets on the wall
  • Incorrectly measuring the space
  • Not adjusting the hinges so cabinet doors hang poorly
  • Damaging the finished surfaces so they no longer look new

As you go about installing a kitchen cabinet yourself, take care to prepare properly and avoid some of these common mistakes. Everyone who sees your kitchen will be glad you did.